Personal Injury

Personal Injury Cases/Malpractice Cases

Personal InjuryIf you are in an accident, or if a doctor engages in malpractice, having proper legal representation can sometimes mean the difference between life and death, and proper medical care.  It can also impact on the damages available in a “personal injury” case.

The experience of a lawyer also has an effect on the amount of compensation you receive.

Our personal injury attorneys, chosen from among the top firms in the City, will provide unparalleled service — and a reduced fee.

Contingency fee cases* arising out of negligence, breach of warranty or products liability, and accepted on a contingent fee basis by a Participating Referral Attorney, shall not be subject to the fee limitations set forth in Legal Benefits Item #5 but instead, Participating Referral Attorney(s) agree to accept as their fee in those cases the following reductions from the standard contingency fees approved by the Court of the applicable state.

  • Fifteen percent (15%) reduction if case is settled prior to Examination Before Trial. (A 28% contingency fee)
  • Ten percent (10%) reduction if case is settled after Examination Before Trial or if settled prior to trial. (A 30% contingency fee)

* Except professional malpractice.