Employment Discrimination/Wage and Hour Cases

Employment discriminationA consultation, the filing of an EEOC, State Division for Human Rights, or NYC Commission for Human Rights or your state’s EEO agency charge will be without cost.  Subsequent litigation, should it be in an agency or a court, will be capped at an hourly rate of $225.  Where possible, court awards of attorneys’ fees will be pursued.

  •  Race discrimination

  •  Sex discrimination and harassment

  •  Age discrimination

  •  Disability discrimination and reasonable accommodationEmployment discrimination

  •  Sexual orientation discrimination

  •  National origin discrimination

  •  Marital status discrimination

  •  Discrimination based on criminal convictions

  Wage and Hour Claims

Not paid minimum wage or overtime for every extra hour your work? We can help!

Claims that an employer failed to pay overtime or minimum wage will be pursued on a contingency fee basis.