Definition of Terms

definitionoftermsAdministrator –Law Office of Stuart Salles, 225 Broadway, Room 1900, New York, NY 10007, 855-560-1010.

Contract Holder – Labor-Community Services, Inc., 225 Broadway, Room 1902, New York, NY 10007.

Contributions – The payments required to enroll and participate in the Gold Plan or to purchase the Elder Law or Business Protection Rider.

Covered Dependent(s) – The Covered Participant’s spouse (or domestic partner as defined by your state law) who is living with the Covered Participant; the Covered Participant’s unmarried dependent children or the Covered Participant’s domestic partner’s unmarried dependent children (including stepchildren and legally adopted children) under the age of nineteen (19) years or under the age of twenty-five (25) years if they are wholly dependent upon the Covered Participant for support and maintenance and are enrolled as full-time students in educational institutions; and the Covered Participant’s parents, provided such parents are wholly dependent upon the Covered Participant for their own support and maintenance. [Note: The definition of Covered Dependent is expanded within the confines of the Elder Law Rider. Refer to the Elder Law Rider section for further details.]

Covered Individual – Either the “Covered Participant” and/or “Covered Dependent(s)” as defined herein.

Covered Participant (Standard) – A dues paying member of the participating union or organization or agency fee payer who has enrolled.

Covered Participant (Gold Plan) – A participant who has contracted to make a monthly contribution of $10 per month for a minimum of two years.

Durable Power of Attorney – A durable power of attorney enables a grantor to appoint an agent(s) to manage one’s financial affairs. It is effective immediately after signing regardless of the health of the grantor. It can be revoked by the grantor at any time. This document gives the agent(s) full control over the grantor’s assets and holdings. Possession of this document eliminates the need for a court-appointed guardian in the event of a subsequent incapacity of grantor.

Health Care Proxy – This document enables an individual to appoint an agent to carry out his or her wishes regarding medical treatment options. Additionally, a health care proxy contains direction regarding organ donation. A health care proxy eliminates the need for a court-appointed guardian for health issues should one become incapacitated.

Legal Terminology – All legal terminology in this Certificate is utilized by New York state courts and statutes. Comparative terms will be applied and substituted as necessary in other states.

Living Will – This document enables an individual to express his or her wishes regarding end-of-life treatment options such as artificial hydration, tube feeding or other life-sustaining measures.

Participating Referral Attorney(s) – Independent lawyers or law firms, partnerships or corporations who have executed a Participating Law Firm Agreement with the  Legal Plan Office to provide certain legal services to Covered Individuals at stipulated rates and/or specified maximum fees.

Real Estate – Includes attorney fees from contract through closing in connection with the purchase or sale of your one-family primary residence. Does not include other closing costs, such as the cost of title searches, title insurance, survey, filing fees, etc. One hour of post-closing service is also provided. All time beyond that is billable at the hourly rate. Any post-possession or prepossession agreements or other tangential agreement preparation may be billable at the plan rates. The plan maximum legal fee for real estate does not include any additional legal services specifically related to new construction problems.

Reciprocal Documents – Documents (e.g., Simple Will, Health Care Proxy) made by spouses (or domestic partners) in which they make identical provisions in favor of each other (i.e., husband to wife, wife to husband).

Refinance of Mortgage – Includes all legal services in connection with the refinance of your mortgage for your primary residence. However, there may be an additional charge if the lending institution is not represented by counsel. Any additional fees will be billed at the plan hourly rate.

Simple Will – Will providing for the proceeds of the estate to be distributed to specifically named beneficiary(ies) outright and not in trust, with an alternate disposition in the event the primary beneficiary(ies) predeceases the Testator(trix).

Staff Attorney – An attorney who provides telephone advice, consultation and other legal services from the  Legal Plan Office.

Uncontested Divorce/Separation – A situation that requires neither the negotiation of terms nor adversarial representation. Uncontested divorce does not include preparation of separation agreement or divorce by publication or inquest.