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Joseph Daniels

New York City Criminal Defense Lawyer

Serving New York City, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens and surrounding areas

If you have ever been arrested or are under investigation for a crime, choosing a lawyer could be the most important decision you ever make.

At the law office of Joseph Daniels, our criminal defense attorneys are committed to providing clients with an aggressive thorough defense with professionalism and discretion.

We will provide you with a comprehensive, effective, vigorous defense in any criminal proceeding including those involving:

We are prepared to zealously defend our clients and protect their rights at every stage of the criminal process, from investigation through trial, in all five boroughs, throughout New York and across the country when necessary. We give you candid answers and explore all possible options for your defense.

With uncompromising resolve, our Joseph Daniels has successfully defended the rights of numerous clients accused of committing serious crimes. We know this is an extremely difficult and stressful experience. Be assured, we will give you the answers and the support you will need to get through this process, and no one will work harder for you.