An Attorney’s Professional Responsibility

An attorney must follow certain rules, which are called the “Code of Professional Responsibility.” These rules require total dedication to the interest of the client, with zeal in maintenance and defense of the client’s rights. Thus you have the advantage of dedication, determination and the full defense of your rights while at the same time only the attorneys and staff of the law office will know anything about your legal situation.

No matter what type of case you may have, your lawyer cannot serve your interest without having all the facts. To permit your lawyer to advise or represent you adequately, you should completely inform the attorney of all the aspects of your situation, unfavorable as well as favorable.  Your relationship is confidential.

Your lawyer must see all the relevant documents, papers, contracts, leases, or receipts and bills that you have in your possession. These documents will be taken care of by your lawyer and will not be misplaced or destroyed.

The attorney’s services shall be provided in accordance with the professional and ethical standards expected of attorneys. In providing such legal services, the attorneys shall adhere to the rules of the Plan as established herein, and shall receive no further instructions, direction, or interference from anyone else — not your employer or your union — even if they contribute on your behalf to this Plan. Our obligations and relations as attorneys shall be exclusively with our clients. They shall maintain the confidentiality of the lawyer-client relationship in accordance with applicable canons of ethics.

Our attorneys will refuse to provide services in any matter they believe to be clearly without merit, repetitious or frivolous, or in which representation would be unethical, improper or inadequate.