Bankruptcy/Debt Consolidation

Debt Consolidation

Where appropriate, the National Legal Office will assist a Covered Individual with debtor/creditor issues, at the maximum hourly rate. Attorneys will advise Covered Individuals regarding their rights under the Federal Fair Debt Collector Practices Act, which governs collector practices. Attorneys will advise Covered Individuals on issues related to Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy alternatives. Where appropriate, attorneys will review a Covered Individual’s financial situation and relevant documents, and may contact the Covered Individual’s creditor to discuss options available to suspend interest, work out a payment plan and avoid collection lawsuit.

The above services may only be rendered prior to commencement of lawsuit by lender/creditor and shall not include representation in any matter in which a suit has been commenced. Such representation is subject to the hourly rate limitation for plan participants.

The aforementioned legal assistance may require Covered Individual to first provide the lender/creditor with written authorization as required by that lender/creditor.



BankruptcySometimes the best answer to financial challenges is bankruptcy.

No-asset bankruptcies will be available to Plan participants for $1000 (Gold Plan) or $1500 (Standard Plan). Complex bankruptcies will be done at the maximum hourly rate. The plan will have the discretion to decide whether a bankruptcy is complex.