A Legal Plan for Working People – 24 hours a day

How often do you need a lawyer and don’t know who to call?  Think about it.  A traffic ticket.  A problem with your landlord.  A defective product.  You need a will.  Someone in your family dies.  A car accident.  An injury at work.  Too often you need to move fast and have to rely on tips of friends and neighbors.  My Union Legal Plan and My Community Legal Plan are designed to provide you with quality lawyers who meet most, if not all of your legal needs — sometimes even for free and often at low cost.  That’s what we are:  A LAW FIRM FOR WORKING PEOPLE, ON CALL 24-HOURS-A-DAY.

Think of it like an insurance policy.  Simply, as a result of membership in your union and your community group, you automatically become a member of this plan.  It gets you free phone consultations; two free, in-person consultations per year; a low-cost will, closing or divorce.  If you step up to our Gold Plan, you get the free consultation plus free representation on traffic violations and misdemeanors, a free will, free separation agreement or uncontested divorce, and free immigration consultation, plus a guarantee that your hourly rate on all collateral legal work will be capped at $200 per hour.

What’s more, My Union Legal Plan and My Community Legal Plan have lawyers on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  An accident, an injury, an arrest — can be addressed IMMEDIATELY.  Our lawyers — some of the best around — are here for you!